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Our mission is simple:

We want to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.

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Adventurizm History and Ideas...

The idea for Adventurizm, LLC started with my son, Bobby (see him below in his home made Marine Sniper Ghillie Suite). When he was 7, he met a US Marine Sniper who had been deployed to Afghanistan. While this Marine Hero was in country, he was part of an operation that cost him his legs. My son was so impressed with this young hero that he told me he wanted to do something to help out all of our soldiers that have come home from war injured. I told him to come up with an idea and I will support his choice of methods. About a week later he told me he would like to sell military surplus on the internet (i.e. E-bay, our own website and other internet mediums) and donate part the money to the Wounded Warrior Project and/or other worthy causes. It took a about 8 months to get the money and the logistics together to do this...So, here we are after almost 6 years of selling on E-bay, we have now started our own internet shopping site.  Bobby has 30 chickens (selling fresh eggs locally here in Front Royal) and we are planning on starting an International Extreme Sports and Christian History Tourism company specializing in the country of Turkey in the near future (If the current government will just cool thier jets regarding supporting the Muslum Brotherhood).

If you love our American Military as much as we do and want to help our WOUNDED WARRIORS, make a purchase and help do something to provide these brave men and woman some assistance and comfort in their lives, while getting something useful for your own adventures. Make sure you let your friends know about us too.

My son Bobby, who is now 13, loves to hunt squirrels, foxes and rabbits in the yard (we live on a large piece of land in the Northern Western Virginia (not West Virginia) Mountains near the George Washington National Forest) and dreams of being a Marine Corps Sniper when he grows up. He is one hell of a shot and one of the most contentious safety fanatics with firearms I know (He has gotten great training from me - I've been a firearms instructor for over 25 years), just notice the finger outside of the trigger guard.

Semper Fi